Screen time is probably one of the most challenging issues you have to manage as a parent.

You want your children to be able to use devices, but have a sneaking suspicion that screens could have something to do with the increased irritability, anxiety, lack of focus, hyperactivity, social issues, or behavior issues you’re seeing in them – and you could very well be right!

Excessive screen time can lead to sleep issues, mental health problems, physical health issues, damaged relationships, communication problems, and slower development of important cognitive and learning skills.

We are the first generation of parents raising children in a 24/7 device-filled and digitally connected world. We’re trying to figure all of this out with our kids, while we are trying to manage healthy device use for ourselves. It’s not easy! 

You probably don’t realize that little things you’re doing (or not doing) are contributing to the problem or making it harder to manage device use with your kids.

The key is to implement strategies that are simple, effective, and consistently support your child’s health and device habits - without causing more stress, behavior challenges, and overwhelm.

I call this the T.E.C.H. strategy.

What do I mean by T.E.C.H.? I'm talking about Time, Expectations, Content, and Health.

When you have the right combination of these tools, and implement them in the right order, you'll be amazed at how much simpler and more effective managing screen time issues can be.

This workshop covers all of these areas in an easy-to-implement system that you can start using right away.


Purchasing a workshop does not constitute any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Nicole. This stand-alone workshop is not assessment or therapy, and does not replace assessment or therapy.

Workshop price is in US Dollars.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Preview - Better Behavior in a Digital World
  • 2
    • Welcome to Better Behavior in a Digital World
    • Dr. Nicole's TECH Guide for Parents
  • 3
    How Screen Time Impacts Your Child
    • How Screen Time Impacts Your Child's Physical and Mental Health
  • 4
    Managing Time on Devices
    • Managing Time on Devices
  • 5
    Setting Expectations for Device Use
    • Setting Expectations for Device and Media Use
    • Electronics Plan
  • 6
    Managing Challenging Behaviors Around Screen Time
    • Managing Challenging Behaviors
  • 7
    Managing Content and Exposure
    • Managing Content and Exposure
    • Qustodio Parent Control App and Discount Code
  • 8
    Addressing Specific Health Concerns
    • Addressing Specific Health Concerns
  • 9
    Making Your Plan
    • Making Your Plan
    • Additional Resources and Links
  • 10
    Q&A Session
    • Live Q&A Session July 2020

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