When a child is exhibiting challenging symptoms, it's important to get to the root of why those symptoms are happening so you can seek out the best strategies and solutions. 

While a diagnosis may be helpful for some things, it doesn't tell you anything about why the symptoms are happening in the first place. To figure that out you have to dig deeper. 

This workshop is for parents of children from infants through young adults, with or without a diagnosis, and exhibiting any type of developmental or mental health symptoms. It covers the 12 main areas you need to look at to identify root causes and contributing factors. Each section will give you specific things to consider, investigate, talk about with your providers, and take action on. 

This is not a course about how to treat all of these things! It’s about helping you hone in on what’s really going on to cause the behaviors and other symptoms challenges your child is exhibiting. This is key, because without knowing what’s actually going on you can’t put together a treatment plan to address it fully. By understanding the root issues contributing to your child's symptoms you'll be able to saves time, money, and energy by knowing what needs to be addressed.

You may not have direct access to a practitioner in your area who can help you know what to look at or what might be going on beneath your child's symptoms. That's why this workshop will be helpful. 

You can watch the videos or listen to the audios (divided into sections that are brief), and use the handout to guide you. I’ve also included a resource guide to show you where you can learn more about the issues you discover are relevant to your child, and specific treatments that may help.


Purchasing a workshop does not constitute any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Nicole. This stand-alone workshop is not assessment or therapy, and does not replace assessment or therapy.

Workshop price is in US Dollars.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Welcome and Introduction
  • 2
    • Sleep
  • 3
    Diet & Nutrition
    • Diet & Nutrition
  • 4
    • Movement
  • 5
    Screen Time
    • Screen Time
  • 6
    Medical Conditions
    • Medical Conditions
  • 7
    • Infections
  • 8
    • Medications
  • 9
    Physical Environment
    • Physical Environment
  • 10
    • School
  • 11
    • Social
  • 12
    • Trauma
  • 13
    Parent-Child Relationship
    • Parent-Child Relationship
  • 14
    Wrap Up
    • Wrap Up
    • Digging Deeper Resource Guide

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