Autism, ADHD, and related neurodevelopmental disorders bring challenges that can cause even experienced parents to feel overwhelmed. 

Understanding the brain-behavior connection, and why these behaviors occur, allows us to use strategies that reduce stress and support improvement. This workshop provides an overview of simple strategies that parents can implement immediately to improve communication, behavior, learning, and relationships for children with neurodevelopmental challenges. You will be empowered to understand and support the needs of children with these kinds of challenges in your home now or in the future.

Topics covered:

  • Understand what a diagnosis of autism/related disorders really means
  • How to figure out other underlying issues that cause challenges in these kids
  • How a child’s brain makes sense of information, and how this is different for kids with autism and related disorders
  • How to interpret the real meaning behind difficult behaviors
  • The #1 thing adults need to do to support these children
  • The things adults say and do that cause more distress, anxiety, overwhelm, and behavior challenges
  • How to communicate to reduce behavior challenges and improve follow through
  • The right pace of activities and life in general to support better functioning and behavior
  • Strategies to simplify activities for success
  • The most effective way to handle meltdowns, tantrums, and other more significant behaviors
  • How nutrition plays an important role in behavior and functioning
  • The sleep-behavior connection
  • How to use movement activities to improve functioning


Purchasing a workshop does not constitute any type of therapeutic relationship with Dr. Nicole. This stand-alone workshop is not assessment or therapy, and does not replace assessment or therapy.

Workshop price is in US Dollars.

Workshop Curriculum

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